The Company

The HELMNOT arts and culture company
We at HELMNOT are amongst the largest independent cultural businesses in Germany. We rapidly rose to national and international fame and acclaim with our unusual theatre ideas and art projects. Our poetic, modern and sometimes surreal productions always cast a spell as audiences of hundreds of thousands at our shows will confirm.

Our travelling theatre team travels well over a hundred thousand kilometres a year across Europe and the world. Founded in 1995, we celebrated our fifteenth anniversary in 2010; we have been based in Lichtenstein, Saxony, since 1995. Our own workshops and studios develop untold numbers of highlights for indoor and outdoor events year-in, year-out. Our surreal performances with towering platforms, figures up to six metres in height, and moving steel installations are just as fantastic as our stilt walking, figure and dance theatre acts; giant outdoor shows and poetic live performances make up only a fraction of our ever-growing repertoire. We have artists crafting an endless stream of fascinating and spectacular new realms of fantasy in our seven different divisions at HELMNOT.

We have specialised theatre sculpture, costume and decoration, metal and woodworking, and model building workshops on 8,700 square metres of floor area – gigantic production facilities and modern studios with rehearsal rooms, a dance hall, a graphics and photo studio, and management and project rooms. In our seven company divisions, you will find artists, educators, acrobats, craftspeople, graphic designers, decorators, set and costume designers, design engineers, technicians, engineers, structural engineers, planners, managers …

Dirk Grünig

Dirk Grünig
HELMNOT General Manager and Artistic Director

  • Writer, director, designer specialising in set and costume design, photographer
  • Born on January 20, 1967, grew up in Syria
  • School, professional training and university in Germany, founder of an aid organisation for Romania, youngest project manager for Cap Anamur – Deutsche Not-Ärzte eV organisation for emergency doctors deployed in Romania, northern Iraq, and Kurdistan
  • Author of political stage plays, several awards including the Frankfurter Autorenforum award
  • Founder of the HELMNOT arts and culture company
  • Initiator of the HELMNOT CULTURA training platform
  • Artistic consultant for cities, festivals, and agencies around the world
  • Specialist consultant in cultural management and marketing