Just imagine – a live act full of fascinating colours and movements emerging from three larger-than-life picture frames onto your stage in a gallery of fourteen metres’ width. Booming symphonic sound plus groovy electro-pop, modern physical theatre, expressive shadow theatre and excellent lighting design – that sums up Living frames XXL.

The twenty-minute live act combines tradition and modernity, speed and stillness in ways never seen before. Dancers and acrobats seem to come out of the picture frame, developing vibrant paintings of incredible beauty and aesthetics, while
surreal landscapes, human actors and the elements of the earth flow together into a modern, high-quality show experience. The live show is suitable for any type of event (gala, public, B2B).

Surprise your guests and leave a lasting impression with this innovative artistic experience.

Additional information:

The three picture frames make an ideal illuminated backdrop before and after the show.
You will need a stage area of approximately fourteen metres in width, about seven metres in depth, and four to five metres in height.

Our Living frames XXL show is also available in a smaller version with two frames, see: Living frames .

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